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Cathy's Social Responsability

Here you can learn more about Cathy's core values, the way she produces and works as a responsible and ethical brand.

"Sustainability is an important component to our jewelry, business and lives. We eat from the garden, shop at a local organic farmers market, recycle, have mostly plastic free homes and Cathy drives a hybrid car. In other words, it doesn't stop at the materials we use in our jewels.

We have been using recycled gold and platinum since 1989.

We use only fair traded stones and our stones dealers are reputable and have assured us that this is the case. 

Our goldsmiths work in a clean and light filled shop environment and are generously compensated, as are our employees in the studio.  All are happy with their work and this contributes to the good energy in the jewelry.  I believe that everything matters: how we treat one another, how we treat our clients, how we treat the earth and the people who inhabit it.  All fairly and with respect.

Our designs are original and not reflective of the trends of the day, but are as timeless as the materials we use."

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