Violette Basentsyan , founder of Violette joaillerie


I'm a great believer in luck and I think I've had some in my life. When I went to India for the first time, I had a green tourmaline clover cut and I kept it in a corner of my house for almost two years."


WHITEbIRD and Violette present "Lucky," a summer capsule collection themed around the clover. For this exclusive collection, Violette adapts her signature techniques and gemstones to the lucky charm.

To welcome her for this exclusive collection, we asked her a few questions:

1. Who are you Violette?

I'm the creator of the Violette joaillerie brand. I'm 32 years old and I divide my time between India and France. I love travelling, taking inspiration from the people I meet and sharing the beauty that surrounds me. 


2. Can you tell us about your career path? What led you to jewellery?

First of all, I went to business school to fit in with the company codes. I started my career in the naval defence industry and then in maritime transport (still in the marine world ahah). On the other hand, I've always been creative and very passionate about jewellery and fashion. Alongside my studies and corporate career, I've always created and imagined things.

Looking for a unique piece of jewellery for my 25th birthday, I ended up designing and making my own ring, which was inspired by an Andy Warhol painting.

This creation changed my life, leading me to jewellery and the desire to create my own brand offering unique pieces.

I began by designing bespoke creations and learning about jewellery by taking classes for two years. This learning phase was important in enabling me to imagine and create a collection that reflected the values I wanted to share.

3. What is your connection with the city of Marseille?

I grew up in Marseille, although I've travelled a lot, and I'm very attached to the city. Looking out at the sea and seeing the infinite fascinates and inspires me enormously.


4. How did this capsule collection with WHITEbIRD come about? Why the clover?

This collection has a very beautiful story. I met Stéphanie through Nina, my favourite friend, with whom we have an incredible bond.

I'm a great believer in luck and I think I've had some in my life. When I went to India for the first time, I had a green tourmaline clover cut and I kept it in a corner of my house for almost two years.

When the idea for the capsule came up, I immediately wanted to offer this clover, which was in a corner of my head and my bag. The planets were aligned: Nina and Stéphanie and I had been thinking about clover at the same time, without consulting each other, but in different contexts.

5. Your collections revolve a lot around marine animals. Where does this fascination for the sea and its inhabitants come from?

My relationship with marine animals is quite special. For a long time I was afraid of what was at the bottom of the sea. I used to say to myself that there was a world out there that we didn't know about, and I was very afraid of swimming with the world that lay underneath.

I then faced up to my fears and when I saw the wonders that lay there I was really fascinated and I never left the sea again. It became a routine, swimming every day to say hello to my friends the fish!

When I wanted to create my first collection, this daily inspiration naturally took over. I wanted to shine a light on the wonderful world that lurks on the seabed.

Violette visiting her ateliers in India.

6. How is your jewellery made?

I try to combine two areas of expertise, France and India. My stones are cut in India and part of the manufacturing process is also based there when stonework is involved. The other part is done in the south of France.

7. Why tourmaline?

Tourmaline is a stone I particularly like because it offers infinite colour combinations. I love the inclusions that can be found in it, which give it a lot of character.

8. What are your sources of inspiration?

I find them in my everyday life. It can be a meeting, a place, an object. My latest collection, which will come out next season, is inspired by Jaipur, the city where I live half the year.

9. What is your favourite summer music?

La madrague Brigitte Bardot, I love listening to it in the car.

10. Do you have any future projects you'd like to share with us?

My Kamasutra collection, which will be coming out very soon. It brings together different Indian skills, based on a tradition that I find very rich. It's a project that's really got me going because it's required a lot of investment and research on both a technical and a design level.


11. Chinese mini-portrait:

If I were...

A stone : A paraiba tourmaline 
A flower: A peony
A dish: Ceviche

A work of art: Matisse's dance
A book : The promise of dawn
A country : India
An animal: An octopus

Thank you for answering all our questions and welcome to the Lucky collection!


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