The beauty of masculine plurality in jewellery


October 26th 2023


Men and jewellery: a historic connection

Throughout human history, jewellery has not always been the exclusive privilege of women. It has also adorned the male body, crossing continents, eras, arts, and civilisations - symbolising cultural belonging and bestowing power, status, and mystique. Consider signet rings, ancient talismans, pocket watches, or even the extravagant jewellery of the Maharajas... For thousands of years in human history, men have sported jewellery as much as, if not more than, women. Today, the story of men and jewels is reborn and re-emerges in a new light.

© Cartier archives - Maharajah of Patiala wearing the ceremonial necklace
© Ed Caraeff - Jimi Hendrix plays with radio disc jockey Rodney Bingenheimer, 1967.

A spectrum of styles for every personality

Men’s jewellery is not confined to one style. For men, as for women, each personality is unique.

Showcasing more than 40 jewellery designers from around the globe, WHITEbIRD offers a range of diverse inspirations, allowing men to create their own style.

© L'Obs - Photography by Nicola & Manuel - Style Clémence Belin

The elegance of second-skin jewellery

Elegance is timeless; it is the epitome of taste. For those who appreciate understatement, the choice often falls on pieces with sleek lines that celebrate subtlety. Our in-house collection, We by WHITEbIRD, has been designed by Stéphanie Roger as the “jeans and white T-shirt of jewellery”. White gold hoops, light chains or finely brushed rings, the We by WHITEbIRD collection is meant for daily wear, as a life jewel. The UNIMATIC watches are also perfect allies for any occasion—be it formal or sporty—since they combine minimalist elegance with functionality.

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© L'Obs - Photography by Andrea Urbez - Style Clémence Belin
gabarit creoles or blanc
bracelet fleurs sauvages or et diamant yannis sergakis
U1S-M-Hero copia

Rock nuances

For aesthetes on the fringe, rock style offers a touch of irreverence that sets them apart. 3D chains, signet rings, and black tourmaline… In short, a selection of iconic pieces from a style that rejects the norm. These are jewels that don’t just decorate; they declare, they claim, they dare.

© L'Obs - Photography by Andrea Urbez - Style Clémence Belin
914319 (2)
l'obs men
© L'Obs - Photography by Nicola et Manuel - Style Clémence Belin
sophie buhai
© Sophie Buhai

Talismans à la Jimi Hendrix

For some, a piece of jewellery is not merely ornamental, but an object of power. Talismans speak to those who seek a deeper connection with the world around them. The sculpted amulets by Karen Liberman, zodiac pendants by Brooke Gregson, or rough stones hung on leather threads constitute an iconic style lexicon that pay hommage to Jimi Hendrix or Robert Mapplethorpe.

Jimi Hendrix
© Jimi Hendrix on stage at the Newport Pop Festival, 1969
Robert Mapplethorpe
© Norman Seeff - Robert Mapplethorpe, 1969
Sia Taylor Necklace

Style knows no bounds, except maybe those of the imagination...

While we’ve sketched style categories to guide your choice, never forget that every piece of

jewellery and every watch is a blank canvas, upon which each man can leave his own unique imprint. Men’s jewellery is a cultural chameleon, able to transform to reflect the personality of its wearer.

 Whether you’re in pursuit of elegance, rebellion, extravagance, minimalism, or spirituality, men’s jewellery offers an infinite world of self-expression. Each style is an invitation to delve deeper into self-discovery and perhaps even redefine what it means to be a man in today’s world.

© Juliette Abitbol & Edouard Sanville
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