Whitebird 10 Years


October 28th 2021

Adel Fecih for MilK Magazine
Stéphanie Roger Portrait

To celebrate Whitebird 10 years anniversary, Cathy Waterman, Charlotte Chesnais, Lito, Sia Taylor, Lia Di Gregorio, Monica Rossi (Anaconda), Brooke Gregson, Pippa Small, Karen Liberman, Catherine Levy (Dorette) were given carte blanche to create jewellery that reflects their own personality and pays tribute to Whitebird.

Cathy Waterman
Dorette Whitebird
Karen Liberman Whitebird
Lia Di Gregorio
Anaconda Whitebird
Brooke Gregson Whitebird
Charlotte Chesnais Whitebird
Lito Whitebird
Pippa Small Whitebird
Sia Taylor Whitebird
Whitebird's commitment

The profit of the sale of these jewels will be donated to the association WECF France, a member of the international eco-feminist network WECF whose goal is to "build a gender just and healthy planet for all" acting locally and advocating at the national and international level. Its French office, created in 2008, supports, among others, the activities of women's cooperatives in southern Morocco, which produce the precious argan oil using ancestral methods. WECF France helps argan women to contribute to the energy transition of their sector, with the support of, among others, companies chosen for their values.  WECF France works on global issues, such as environmental health, the fight against climate change, food sovereignty, access to water and sanitation, with, for each, the concern to fight against gender inequalities and protect the most vulnerable populations. 

Committed to the cause of women, Stéphanie is also attached to handcrafts, which she promotes through the delicate handmade jewellery of around fifty designers sold at Whitebird. Following her values, she decided to support WECF France because of the valuable handicraft work of the argan women, whose know-how has been recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. 

Whitebird's donation will help finance locally produced solar equipment, which will be used to roast argan nuts and and thus serve the empowerment of rural women in this region. 

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